December 21, 2021

Thomas Muntzer (1489-1525)

Born on December 21, 1489, Thomas Muntzer was a German preacher and theologian of the early Reformation and a rebel leader during the Peasant's War.  His opposition to both the Roman Catholic Church and Martin Luther led to his open defiance of feudal authority in Germany.
Eric Metaxas ("Luther") describes him this way:
    Muntzer is one of those cases in history when a madman rises to power
    and draws others into his madness, resulting in an unrelenting 
    bloodbath. Muntzer, like all utopianists, was divorced from reality
    and wished to be so divorced, thinking the reality of this world as
    something to be fled as soon as possible...and at the time of Luther,
    Muntzer was the one who led the charge over the cliff.