December 20, 2021

Eric Metaxas, "Luther" on priesthood of all believers"

Luther's theology was leading him to one new place after another. For example, his understanding of the "priesthood of all believers" mean the whole structure of the church was a pretense. The idea that there was a special caste of people who alone had the privilege to preach and to pastor and to hear confession was simply not biblical. It had been invented out of whole cloth by human beings and had no basis in scripture. Therefore for every Christian to have to submit to this, especially now that it was being used to tyrannize people - to bully them into submitting to a power and authority that was not given by God - was intolerable.
Luther was openly declaring that the Roman church's monopoly on the spiritual must come to an end. God had never separated priests from laymen. The whole idea of Jesus's coming on earth was to forever smash these distinctions, to open the gates of heaven to all who had faith, and to call everyone to be a "royal priesthood."  All who were "born again" were part of his church, so the idea that one needed to be tonsured and ordained in order to serve God was a rank fiction.