December 31, 2021

Bruce Chilton, "The Herods," pp. 34-35

Although relative latecomers to Judaism, Antipater's family ruled the Judean homeland on Rome's behalf. With his sons, who had been born within Judaism, administering the religiously sensitive Jerusalem and Galilee.... The family seemed set to enjoy prosperity and power as long as Roman rule also prospered. Antipater's sons reaped the benefits of their father's determined but disciplined ambition as soon as he became procurator. He appointed Phasel, his eldest son, commander of Jerusalem and its region and his second son, Herod, commander of Galilee. Among his many virtues, shared power as he did early in his rule, dynastic succession would have been out of the question. The brutal politics of the region would bring Antipater down by assassination; he had placed his sons, however, to continue and even extend his inheritance.