May 1, 2021

Quotes from Black Preachers

Sometimes   in the midst of our own crises, 
                    in the midst of our own life-problems, 
                      in the midst of the things that we find ourselves involved in,
sometimes the power of our deliverance
                    is in our own power and
                    in our own possession.
What you need, my brothers and sisters, is within you.
                            The Reverend C.L. Franklin, "Moses at the Red Sea"

I am many things to many people:
        civil rights leader, agitator, trouble-maker, and orator,
        but in the quiet resources of my heart,
        I am fundamentally a clergyman, a Baptist preacher....
The church is my life and I have given my life to the church.
                            The Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Black preaching, I believe, is more than preaching with a Black face;
    it is a unique cultural narrative and theological enterprise
    where African motifs meet diverse Western influences of North America.
A beautiful, bold, homiletical voice, poetry, prophetic witness,
    Southern storytelling, lament, blues, and celebration
        are born out of this tradition.
                            The Reverend Otis Moss III