May 4, 2021

James Cone and Black Theology

"White theology ... is a theology which has defined the Christian faith in such a way that it has no relationship to black people."  Cone argued that Jesus so strongly identified with the oppressed that he was metaphysically synonymous with this group.  God is Black. ...
Cone reasoned that "if God makes us in God's image, as he does all human beings, then this must be something positive about Blackness. Blackness couldn't be solely negative, given the white supremacists' discourse."

 Cone's ideas finally connected Christian theology to being African American for Kelly Brown Douglas, "He said that God's story is the Black story, and the Black story is God's story.  And that, he said, is the Christian story."
Henry Louis Gates, Jr. The Black Church: This Is Our Story, This Is Our Song, pp. 152-153