March 11, 2021

Peter Marshall Story

One night a friend questioned Peter about whether he really thought we shall every have to stand before God on a Judgment Day and hear the roll call of our sins.
"Yes, the Bible makes it quite clear," Peter answered promptly.  "Some day, somewhere, somehow, there will be an accounting for each of us."

He paused and seemed lost in thought as he stirred his third cup of Tea.  "I think I may have to go through the agony of hearing all my sins recited in the presence of God. But I believe it will be like this - Jesus will come over and lay His hand across my shoulder and say to God, 'Yes, all these things are true, but I'm here to cover up for Peter. He is sorry for all his sins and by a transaction made between us, I am now solely responsible for them.'"

Suddenly Peter smiled, "And, sister, if I'm wrong about that, I'm sunk."

A Man Called Peter: The Story of Peter Marshall, by Catherine Marshall, p. 114