March 15, 2021

Happy Birthday, Dad

The Year was 1922:

    January 1922:    The first use of insulin as a diabetes treatment takes place in Toronto

    January 1922:    a lawsuit was filed in Maryland by male voters to require the Maryland Board of
                                Registry to remove the names of women from the list.  The Supreme Court would
                                ultimately rule that the 19th Amendment "has become valid as part of the
                                Constitution of the United States allowing women the right to vote.

    February 1922:    The first issue of the Reader's Digest was published

    February 8:        President Harding made the first radio broadcast ever by a U.S. President

    March 10:        Gandhi was arrested in India (under British rule) and tried for sedition, and
                                sentenced to 6 years imprisonment

    March 15:        Dad was born in North Dakota and named Floyd Wesley Kauffman

                                    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  99 years ago today!