November 11, 2020

Richard B. Hays, author of "Reading With the Grain of Scripture"

 Question: What do you hope readers take away from your book?

Answer:   I hope that readers of this book will come face to face with the claims that Christian Scripture makes on our thought and our lives.  I would summarize those claims this way:
  • The Bible is a complex but coherent narrative.
  • The New Testament "reads backwards"to discern within Israel's Scripture prefigurations of the story of Jesus and the community that bears witness to him.
  • Everything hangs on the center point of the story: the resurrection of Jesus.
  • The story fires and sustains hope that God will ultimately heal and transform the world.
  • To read Scripture well, we must stand in trusting humility before the text.
  • To read Scripture well, interpreters must do their work within and for the community of faith. The idea of a neutral position for the interpreter is an illusory fantasy.