November 8, 2020

Reflections on the lectionary by Layton E. Williams

 Both Joshua 24, in which the tribes of Israel renew their covenant with God under Joshua's leadership, and Psalm 78 depict a people remembering their past and contending with its impact on their future. ... The Israelites have been through many struggles. Years in slavery, then years spent wandering in the desert. They have survived famine and war.  And God, Joshua reminds them, has led them faithfully through it all.
When many of the things we came to rely on for comfort, stability, and truth have been tossed into turmoil, we can doubt and waver and despair.  Or we can bear witness to the truth of a God who has seen countless generations before us through all manner of hardship that we can scarcely imagine. We can find comfort in the promise that God will see us through as well, if we remain committed to communal care and love and trust.