November 7, 2020

Abraham Heschell quote ("God in Search of Man")

 Jeremiah received this message from God:
"Get a scroll and write down everything I've told you ...."
Jeremiah 36:1

"Some people may wonder: why was the light of God given in the form of language?  How is it conceivable that the divine should be contained in such brittle vessels as consonants and vowels?  This question betrays the sin of our age: to treat lightly the ether which carries the light-waves of the spirit.  What else in the world is as capable of bringing man and man together over the distances in space and in time?  Of all things on earth, words alone never die.  They have so little matter and so much meaning. ....  God took these Hebrew words and breathed into them of His power, and the words became a live wire charged with His spirit.  To this very day they are hyphens between heaven and earth.  What other medium could have been employed to convey the divine?"