October 21, 2020

The Impatience of Job by Harrell Beck (Notes from Minister's Association, 6/27/83)

 The Impatience of Job
    Job more influential to current society than any other book.

1.    Job is the work of an artist.  Took an ancient story, cut it in two (Ch.1&2/Ch. 42)
        and filled in with a "porch conversation."
        Job lived in a culture that said you get what you deserve and deserve what you get.

2.     Honesty of Job -  God loves honest people (ie. little children)    
        Chapter 3 - Trust God enough to lament.

3.    Teaches as Ethical System that is higher than anywhere in O.T. or N.T. except                 perhaps the Beatitudes.

4.    Sin of 3 friends is to reduce God to a theological formula.  God says No!
        Things happen that we cannot comprehend or understand.

5.    Job's sin is that he just about allows questions to rule out relationship.
        As pastors we need to let the congregation know we can't answer all questions.
        Don't let the questions hinder the relationship.

6.    Job reminds us that a vision of God can happen if you wrestle with God.
        You can see God if you want to see God bad enough.

7.    Job 42:1-6 - Nearest resolution to ways of God with humans.
        We do not know what the future holds but we know who holds the future.