October 28, 2020

Influence of the Wisdom Tradition by Harrell Beck - June 1983

 Influence of Wisdom Tradition
    "Faith is a bird - don't squeeze too hard or let loose."

1.    Influence on Jesus
        a) Called Rabbi, Teacher - tradition (knows & understands) J. opted for Job/Jonah
        b) "Blessed..."  1st word - Wisdom Word (Ps.1) -Benediction
         c) 70% of Jesus teaching uses fiction (parables/stories) from Wisdom literature
        d) Magi - 3 Wise Men came at Jesus' birth

2.    Beauty of Stories - give character and depth

3.    Put Together the Canon of the Old Testament

4.    First Talks about Life after Death / Resurrection 
        Pharisees believed in justice after death  (Ps 73, 139)

5.    Did more to produce a Christology than any other O.T. tradition
        Proverbs 8:1-9:6    Lady Wisdom - Personification
        Apocrypha - Wisdom of Solomon, Ch. 7  "I, Wisdom..."
        Prologue to John - "In the beginning was Wisdom (Word) ...