October 14, 2020

How Biblical People Did Theology

 "How Biblical People Did Theology"
Outline by Harrell Beck
COB Ministers' Association
June 27, 1983

*  Biblical Theology is not primarily propositional but relational

We are not called upon to be a N.T. People but a Biblical People

*  Jesus never read the New Testatment

1.    Biblical People did Theology in the Desert  - geography has a great deal to do with theology; Biblical People can turn "the brown" into "green"

2.    Biblical People discovered the word "Covenant" - Covenant is the purpose of Creation (Barth)  *not true because it is Biblical but Biblical because it is true!

3.    Biblical People believed when in a human crisis they could study and hear the Word of God. *they were a disciplined and dedicated people *First question of Biblical religion is not "Are you saved?" but "Could God use you to save someone else?"

4.    Biblical People chief virture of Semitic People is the virtue of submission  -  The only good thing to do with life is to give it so something that will outlast you.

5.    Biblical People had an understanding of the good life. - "I want to break bread and drink wine with you" Life is a party, a good time.  We live life between tears and laughter.

6.    Biblcal People have a sense of expectation.  - The important 4-letter word is HOPE.

Conclusion:  The Word became incarnate once and it can again.  As MLK said, "I've got a dream..." *Set us free without setting us adrift.  *Can we be in our time a Biblical People?