September 30, 2020

Giuseppe Verdi

 What a man Giuseppe Verdi was!  He lived in Milan.
He hated organ grinders (all the guys with the monkeys!)
When he died, they found three hundred crank organs
in his basement.  He bought them so he wouldn't have to listen to them.
I thought of doing that with parishoners,
but maintenance is very awkward.

One day Verdi walked down the street and heard an organ-grinder.
Dirty, wrinkled - even the monkey had fleas.
Worst of all, he was playing the tune badly.
Verdi said, "Pick it up!  Pick it up!" and went to lunch.
Three weeks later he came back, and met the same guy.
All spiffed up, even the monkey was clean
and had a ribbon in his hair.
Best of all,
the guy was playing the tune magnificently.
Verdi thought to congratulate him,
went around to the front and noticed
the guy had a banner in his hat
on which were written the following words:
"Master Musician: Student of Verdi."

Harrell Beck, The Nails, March 8, 1985