August 20, 2020

The End of Truth by Joan Chittister

 A great deal has changed in the United States in the last four years. But the greatest of these has been the way this country now values truth. Or not.

We're living with things that, I admit, never occurred to me could happen here, in this country. When I was assuring high school history students how impregnable our government was to any kind of collapse, let alone takeover, it was all so clear.

I taught them that our Constitution, unlike the founding documents of other nations, saved us from the scourge of dishonesty, the arrogance of despotism, the malicious destruction of democracy. 

I told them how we had equal branches of power that would block any single dimension of officialdom from controlling the whole government. 

I assured them that we had "checks and balances."

I'm relatively embarrassed about those years now. They seem to me at this point to have been so naive. 

After all, lies, not constitutional government, have become our staple; the imperial presidency has become our government; the guarantees of democracy have begun to fade.            read more