June 23, 2020

The Power and Beauty of Lament

Lament arises out of a community that suffers,
that sees the world not as a place where you flourish,
but maybe a place where you barely survive....
Lament is the proper response to suffering.
We jump so quickly to everything's going to be ok,
everything is awesome, everything is going to be fine.
We forget that the Bible actually allows us,
and in fact encourages us
and may be even commands us,
to stay in those places of suffering,
to speak the honest truth,
"Lord, this is how I'm feeling,
God, this is the pain I'm experiencing,"
instead of jumping so quickly to
"God is so good,
God loves me,
God is going to take care of me."
So I think lament is the honesty
that sometimes we lack
in the church.

-Soong-Chan Rah