June 21, 2020

A Teaching by Sister Mary M. McGlone

"Fear no one!"
Got it? That's Jesus' command.
You would think that as someone walking around in a body
that could trip and fall, bleed, bruise, and even suffer 
a concussion, he would have gone a little easier on his disciples.
Is his command supposed to be encouraging?
Whatever happened to: "Hide me in the shadow of your wings?"

When it comes to fear, Shel Silverstein summarized it
quite well in his poem, "Whatif."
What if I get beat up?
What if there is poison in my cup? ...
What if I flunk that test?
What if green hair grows on my chest?

Practical, terrifying, social, physical
and even genuinely mortal, we recognize and invent threats
that can make fear the background music of much of our life.
Admit it, we are easily frightened -
and that's the root of many of the world's problems.