May 2, 2020

Quote from "Scattering the Ashes" #2

".... Dad, I am not sure if you planned all this, but today was the best day I can remember in a long time. I don't know when I have been this happy as an adult.  If you had anything to do with today, I thank you - and even if you didn't, I thank you for putting me on this journey.  I don't know what else you have in store for me, but this might be my last trip for you for quite some time. The school year begins next week.
     As I place your ashes here at the foot of Abraham Lincoln, I pray, in your name and in God's Holy name, that a part of you remains, forever, here in Washington D.C., where you can enjoy this city that celebrates what America is all about.  I will always think of you when I visit here. Amen."