May 13, 2020

Poem by Bishop Matthew Gunter

If the Covid don’t get me, maybe it'll be the murder hornets.
If the murder hornets don’t get me, maybe an asteroid.
If an asteroid don’t get me, maybe the great volcano
under Yellowstone.
If the volcano don’t get me,
maybe something more prosaic –
maybe hit by a truck,
maybe prostate cancer (a family tradition),
a heart attack or any number of things.
Maybe, God willing, it'll be the slow decline of age.
But, sooner or later, something's gonna get me.
In that light, I live today,
faithfully and responsibly,
with thanksgiving.
And peace,
generosity and love.
Without fear.
Whatever gets me, I am already 'got'.
And nothing – nothing – can unget me
from the One who's got me.