May 23, 2020

Matthew Gunter quote

"We did not cease gathering in person for worship
in our church buildings in response
to the orders of any politician.
We will not resume gathering for regular in-person worship
in response to what any politician says.
Jesus is our authority and it is his directives
we are trying to follow.
His commandment is that we love one another
as he loved us and he promises to free us to do so.
There is a lot of talk these days about the church being essential.
I absolutely believe it is.
It is important to note that while we have not been going
to church buildings, we have not ceased to be the church.
We have found creative, faithful ways to worship
and pray and connect with one another
and serve and bear witness in spite of
the constraints imposed upon us by the pandemic.
In that sense, we, as the church,
have continued the free exercise of religion
as per the First Amendment."