April 5, 2020

Palm Sunday: N.T. Wright on "Lament"

The streets are empty. The hospitals are crowded. 
The church is distributed into households. 
And no one knows how long this will go on 
or how bad it will get. 

In these moments of powerlessness, 
we can recover the lost practice of lament. 
N. T. Wright wrote a beautiful piece for Time this week 
on resisting the temptation to offer explanations 
for our current crisis. 

He invited us to remember that Christianity 
offers us a way to lament that leads to hope: 

“It is no part of the Christian vocation, then, 
to be able to explain what’s happening and why. 
In fact, it is part of the Christian vocation 
not to be able to explain—and to lament instead. 
As the Spirit laments within us, so we become, 
even in our self-isolation, 
small shrines where the presence 
and healing love of God can dwell.”