April 13, 2020

Conversation on Faith, "At Home in Mitford"

A conversation between Father Tim and his new neighbor, Cynthia,
regarding this quotation from the Scottish teacher, Oswald Chambers:
"Faith by its very nature must be tried."

"Do you agree?" she asked.


"I've never been one for physical exercise," she said,
"but what God does with our faith must be something
like workouts.  He sees to it that our faith gets
pushed and pulled, stretched and pounded,
taken to its limits so its limits can expand."

He liked that - taken to its limits
so its limits can expand.  Yes!

"If it doesn't get exercised," she said thoughtfully,
"it becomes like a weak muscle that fails us when we need it."

He felt himself smiling foolishly,
though his question was serious.
"Would you agree that we must be willing
to thank God for every trial of our faith,
no matter how severe,
for the greater strength in produces?"

"I'm perfectly willing to say it,
but I'm continually unable to do it."

"There's the rub!"