March 5, 2020

Thomas von Imbroek quote

Thomas von Imbroek was an Anabaptist, not a revolutionary but of a
peaceable Christian spirit, whose failure to baptize his children brought 
him to the attention of the authorities at Cologne on the Rhine in 1858,
where he was beheaded on this day, March 5, 1858, at the age of 25. 
Among his final words were these:

"I am willing and ready, both to live or do die.
I do not care what happens to me. God will not let me down.
I am comforted and in good spirits while yet on earth.
God gives me friendly assurance,
and my heart is encouraged through my brothers.
Sword, water, fire ... cannot frighten me ...
All the persecution in this world
shall not be able to separate me from God."