November 29, 2019

Damon Linker (The Week) quote

We need to take Bloomberg's campaign serious
recognizing it for what it is -
which is an expression of highly developed rot
at the core of the American political system.
Yet Bloomberg will never win my vote — 
because I want a president who will do 
what's best for the country as a whole, 
and I doubt very much that this matches up 
with what's best for the eighth richest person in the country 
and sixteenth richest person in the world
It's an awful lot to expect a person to bracket 
such powerful financial interests — 
or even to recognize that such interests sometimes, 
and perhaps often, conflict with the common good.

Americans would be wise to stop looking 
for political saviors altogether. 
But they would be even wiser to resist looking for them 
among the oligarchs, a class to which Michael Bloomberg 
(along with Donald Trump) very much belongs.