August 2, 2018

HYMN: We Reclaim the Name of Jesus

We reclaim the name of Jesus; we announce the grace he brought.
We believe his love redeems us; we reclaim the things he taught.
We know each one bears God’s image; racist words and deeds are sin.
We commit to spread the message: God is love and love will win.
We reclaim the name of Jesus; we’re Christ’s body here on earth.
We resist when some would lead us to devalue women’s worth.
We see how Christ loved the stranger, tore down barriers, opened doors.
We will welcome those in danger; we will love and serve the poor.
We reclaim the name of Jesus and we trust the truth he brings.
We renounce what some now tell us — that their lies are normal things.
We reject the push toward power; we support democracy.
We seek ways to work together for a just society.
We reclaim the name of Jesus; he brought love to all the earth.
We protest when people tell us that our country should come first.
We are in a time of crisis, so Christ’s church must call out sin.
We stand firm for we believe this: God is love and love will win.
HOLY MANNA D ("God, Who Stretched the Spangled Heavens")
This hymn is based on "Reclaiming Jesus: A Confession of Faith in a Time of Crisis” at
Permission is given for free use of the hymn.