December 4, 2016

Christian Convictions to Share

Peter W. Marty, a Lutheran pastor in Iowa and publisher of The Christian Century magazine, has assembled some Christian convictions to share with friends appalled by, or thrilled with, Trump's victory in the recent election:

  • Practice the beatitudes of Jesus and you'll never be tempted to bully.
  • Speak truth to power.
  • Do justice, love kindness, and walk humbly with God.
  • Weak and vulnerable people need our embrace, not our mockery.
  • Let's welcome the stranger, build bridges of hospitality, and cherish grace.
  • Remember that once you speak a word, it's impossible to unspeak it.
  • Resist fear.
  • Insist on extending hope to others.
  • Never view yourself as above forgiveness.
Peter W. Marty, "From the Publisher"
Christian Century, December 3, 2016