November 29, 2016

"The moment the Church has been working for" by Amy Butler

Objectively speaking, there has been very little in the political world that one might call good about the months leading up to the election. Now that the election is over (sort of), for Christian leaders everywhere there is at least one very, very good thing. Here it is: Donald Trump is no longer a candidate for president.
The whole election I have heard Christian leaders invoke the separation of church and state as their reasoning for staying silent at critical junctures or not addressing important issues raised by Trump’s candidacy.
But don’t forget that the election is over now, and the separation of church and state does not limit the ability of religious institutions or leaders to critique the state or the people who occupy positions of leadership in government.   Read entire article
The time for talking (or being silent) about politics has come to an end. It’s time now to decide whether we’re serious about leading communities of Christ-followers or falling in line with political ideologies that violate everything we hold sacred.
The day after the election I was sitting in my colleague Michael’s office, wondering aloud what the results of the election meant for our work as the church. He said something I will never forget. He said: “You know, we’ve been working together here for two years, giving everything we have to help this church get healthy. All this time we thought we were working so hard to insure the health of the institution — both this one and the Church with a big “C.” But maybe that’s not what we’ve been working for after all. Maybe this election has created a moment in which we will have to decide whether we really believe what we say we believe as Christians. Maybe this is the moment we’ve been working for our whole lives.”
Maybe, indeed.