August 6, 2015

Do Guns Make Us Free?

Walter Brueggemann reviews this book in the August 5, 2015 issue of Christian Century.   Link to the review

I quote the final two paragraphs:

"At bottom the appeal of gun-mongering is fed by a sense of political impotence and helplessness.  Of course, gun possession is not a real act of political empowerment; rather, it is an illusion in the drift toward fascism, in which constructed fear keeps people immobilized and withdrawn into private zones of security and therefore cut off from serious participatory democracy.

"This is a compelling argument. But of course, it depends on reasonable discussion, the very discussion that is impossible when we are seduced into a bubble of illusionary fear. There is no doubt that the argument of this book is of urgent importance. But the way from it to political action will be hard, long, and slow.  The cycle of fear, illusion, and more fear is deathly. This book is a bold witness against that deadly cycle.