May 19, 2015


May 2015

Where is the Prince of Peace?

Some say that the biblical message of peace carries a hollow sound—that religion, far from bringing peace, incites violence. With an eye toward Nigeria, a former Annual Conference moderator weighs in with his thoughts.

A church for everybody

Urban churches have been known to relocate to quieter, suburban surroundings when things got dicey in the cities. In spite of similar challenges, one city church in Pennsylvania has decided to stay put.

The gift of conflict—Ministry of Reconciliation at 25

Conflict, a gift? In a quarter century of working to ease tensions between differing parties, the Church of the Brethren’s Ministry of Reconciliation has discovered ways conflict can lead to better communication and understanding.

Lessons from gift giving

From the mouths of babes: how a series of children’s sleepovers led to some surprising insights about giving..
COMING IN JUNE: The Brethren in Nigeria