April 30, 2015

A Change of Lifestyle

Noelle Hancock was a 31-year-old journalist living in Manhattan, earning $95,000/year when she decided her life was not satisfying. She felt stressed, uninspired, and disconnected. She felt in constant need of a vacation. She was living, not in the moment, but for some time in the future when she could save enough money and earn enough time off to go elsewhere and enjoy life.
One day she chose to change her life. She broke the lease on her apartment, sold her belongings, and bought a one-way ticket to an island in the Caribbean where she had never been before. 
Six weeks later, when she stepped off the ferry in St. John, she had no plan, no friends, and no job.  She took a job in a local ice cream parlor at $10/hour and moved into a "charmingly ramshackle one-bedroom apartment on a hillside overlooking the sea.  
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