March 4, 2015

March Messenger

March 2015

The sacred dance of grief and joy

“Grief changes you,” says Regina Cyzick Harlow, who lost her child seven years ago. “People want the old you back, but you’ll never be that person again. Part of you dies when your child dies. You’ll find joy again. You’ll laugh and experience life fully again. But you’re never the same person you were before your loss.”

Building shalom in the city

Like others at churches located in transitioning communities, members at Trotwood (Ohio) Church of the Brethren are not sure what the future may hold. Yet they continue to walk forward, seeking the well-being of a city struggling with decline, violence, and poverty.

Reflections on Race
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Beyond theological warfare

Surrender, transformation, and new life: it’s the way of Jesus Christ. Still, we in the Church of the Brethren often find ourselves broken and divided as our conflicting theologies overshadow our eternal and unchanging God. Where do we go from here?

Check the back door

Have we become so accustomed to encountering God in all the usual places—Sunday morning at church, Wednesday at Bible study—that we miss the moments God may be trying to reach us elsewhere?

COMING IN the April edition: Will the real Jesus please stand up?