March 12, 2015

A Childhood Story

March 15, 1922 - March 12, 2005
In memory of my father who died 10 years ago today.

When I was a small boy, I went with Dad who had a side-job for the day helping someone hook up an LP Gas tank.  At the end of the job, the man paid Dad for the job and then handed me a nickel for helping. Dad stuck the nickel in his pocket for safekeeping for me.

Later that day or the next day, some older cousins were at the house for some family event.  They had been down to the dime store and purchased squirt guns.  I wanted a squirt gun of my own, of course. They told me a squirt gun cost a quarter, and they showed me a quarter.  I told them I had "one of those."  So I ran inside and found my Dad's pair of pants (where my nickel was) and pulled out a quarter.  They took me uptown to the dime store and I purchased my very own squirt gun.

All was fine until I had to explain to my parents, later in the day, where I had gotten the squirt gun.  I told them I used the nickel I had received earlier, that I had taken it out of Dad's pants pocket to buy the squirt gun.  And that is when I learned the difference between a nickel and a quarter!