February 5, 2015

UFO's Welcomed to Hawaii

The February 4 issue of The Wall Street Journal includes a most interesting article by Alejandro Lazo about a group of Hawaiians aiming to lure tourists from space with a UFO landing pad. The hardened lava field includes a hand-made sign calling the area the "Star Visitor Sanctuary."

In part, the UFO landing pad is part of an effort by an independence group seeking to reinstate the Hawaiian Kingdom of 120 years ago. "The idea is to announce to the world, and to the universe, that Hawaii is here, Hawaii is back, Hawaii is a neutral country."

Once a sovereign nation, the Hawaiian Kingdom was overthrown in 1893 by U.S. business interests. The islands' status remained unresolved for years, as the U.S. Senate failed to ratify an annexation treaty. The U.S. bases its claim to Hawaii on an 1898 joint resolution of Congress.  Hawaii was eventually granted statehood in 1959.  In 1993 a Congressional "Apology Resolution" was signed by President Bill Clinton recognizing that native Hawaiians never relinquished their claims.