February 26, 2015

Thinking about Lent

Michael G. Maudlin, Senior Vice-President at HarperOne Books, recently blogged about his experience at the National Prayer Breakfast and the President's remarks on the challenge of religious violence.  He notes, "I was impressed ... I did not expect to feel so encouraged and edified by the president's talk."

He goes on to add these thoughts:

What struck me as ironic, though, was that the reaction to Obama’s speech was an example of the very problem he cautioned against: using religion as a club for sowing division and feeding our thirst for outrage and attacking enemies. ISIS may be the most primitive and egregious carrier of this spiritual sickness, but they are not the only ones carrying this virus. Part of us wants a holy war. We are scared that whole communities see killing us as God’s will. We soothe our anxiety when we declare our enemies “evil” and think God wants us to wipe out them out.

Maudlin asks this important question for our Lenten reflection:  "How do we remind people of a Messiah who lifts up meekness and who calls us to love our enemies?"

I would suggest his question for your Lenten reflection today.