February 7, 2015

January / February MESSENGER

January/February 2015

Reflections on race

Four courageous individuals talk about what it’s like to be black and mixed-race in the US—and in the Church of the Brethren.

Reflections on Race
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Make friends, not ‘converts’

Certain kinds of evangelism are distasteful to many Brethren. But it doesn’t have to be that way according to two Brethren leaders who claim that relationships are at the heart of effectively sharing the Good News with others.

Changing the climate with love

When we hear “climate change,” what emotions does the phrase conjure up in us? What “Us vs. Them” categories come to mind? How is focusing on the political debate getting in our way? What is worth debating about climate change and what isn’t?

A great mission opportunity en casa

“We Brethren already have within our ‘spiritual DNA’ a great sensibility for those in communities that are often misunderstood by the social and political systems of this country,” says Brethren pastor Daniel D’Oleo. “This can help us provide a unified outreach tailored to the needs of the Latino community.”

How do we describe Jesus?

When we look at Jesus’ actions and character we see a reflection of God. Jesus is passing on a picture of God’s character and being, and we are able to glimpse that by seeing Jesus.

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