January 26, 2015

When God has your back

Eli patted his Bible and set aside his antique lace bookmark.  "When I think of confidence problems, I'm always reminded of Gideon hiding in that old winepress (Judges 6). He was a young man not unlike you, Elmo.  God had a job He needed Gideon to do, but Gideon wasn't sure he was up to it. God patiently reminded Gideon that He had given him the necessary skills. And God let Gideon know He had his back. Ultimately, a great victory was won.

"Elmo, it sounds like your research and your book may be needed by other churches. Go to New York City with the confidence of knowing that God has your back."

-- Advise from Eli to Elmo
The Old Man and the Tea, by McMillian Moody