January 25, 2015

Secret to a long and happy marriage

The secret to a long and happy marriage, according to Father Ted, is to remember three simple words: Put It Away.

Put It Away works on many different levels.

The first is literal, and you have to decide early on to be intentional about it.  Simply stated, if you get something out of a drawer or cupboard, you put it away when you're finished with it, back where it belongs.  It's really a metaphor for common courtesy. Treat your spouse with consideration and respect and always do a little more than is expected.  If both partners follow this simple rule, years of frustration and angst can be avoided.

Second, when you're single your main concerns are for your own needs and desires; your own well-being and enjoyment.  When you get married, you have to put that perspective away and make your desires and attitudes subservient to what's best for your marriage and your spouse. You have to learn how to say "no to me" and "yes to us."  That isn't an easy transition, particularly when you're young. But it's critical to a long term, fruitful relationship. Some would call it being mutually submissive.

- Advise from Father Ted to Elmo
Some Things Never Change, by McMillian Moody