January 10, 2015

House of Representatives Prayer - January 9

 Reverend Patrick Riffle, St. Peter's Catholic Church, Washington, 
D.C., offered the following prayer:
  God, our father, You guide everything in wisdom and love. ``You are 
good and forgiving, full of love to all who call upon You.''
  We now praise You for that love and rejoice in Your abundant 
blessing. You call us today to grow in the knowledge of that love and 
invite us to receive Your blessings.
  Accept the prayers we offer for our beloved Nation; protect it and 
keep it ever in Your sight. Fill this House of Representatives with 
Your holy wisdom, and may that wisdom lead to right action.
  Strengthen these Representatives and their staffs as they labor for 
the common good and for what is just in Your eyes. May true harmony, 
lasting freedom, and justice be secured for all so that there may be 
lasting peace.
  We ask this in Your most Holy Name.