January 9, 2015

House of Representatives Prayer - January 8

  The Chaplain, the Reverend Patrick J. Conroy, offered the following 
  Eternal God, we give You thanks for giving us another day.
  We pause now in Your presence and acknowledge our dependence on You.
  We ask Your blessing upon the men and women of this, the people's 
House, who are settling into new spaces and committees here on Capitol 
  As the new session begins, help them and indeed help us all to obey 
Your law, to do Your will, and to walk in Your way. Grant that they 
might be good in thought, gracious in word, generous in deed, and great 
in spirit.
  Make this a glorious day in which all are glad to be alive and ready 
to serve You.
  May all that is done this day be for Your greater honor and glory.