January 29, 2015

Dust Management

"The other day as I was dusting my office, I contemplated the important role that dust holds in my life. A silly notion? Not really.  In Genesis, we learn that the first man was formed from the dust by God.  God then breathed life into the formed dust, and the first human came to be. When we die, this God-given life force is withdrawn, and the body returns to dust. So, in a general sense, we are all just piles of dust, energized and held together by the life force or spirit from God. Thus managing our dust from birth to death is the core challenge of our human existence.

"The next time you dust your office or your house, remember what you're cleaning up.  Dust consists mostly of dead skin cells and the microscopic dust mites that eat them. So technically, what you are cleaning and removing is you -- that is, the part of you that has already returned to dust.

"In conclusion, it's important to understand that exercise and healthy nutrition may improve the quality of your physical body, and might even extend the quality of your years on earth.  But ultimately, to the dust heap you shall go.  Thus, how much more important is it then, to focus on the spiritual component of your being?  That portion of you that lives on after the dust has been swept away."

--Meditation by The Radio Guy
A Tale of Two Elmos, by McMillian Moody