December 2, 2014

excerpt from Mister God, This Is Anna

Anna's story is true. She was only four years old when Fynn found her on London's fog-shrouded docks. Anna had an astonishing ability to ask - and answer - life's largest questions. You see, Anna had a very special friendship with Mister God. As Fynn says in the opening page of this book: "At five years, Anna knew absolutely the purpose of being, knew the meaning of love, and was a personal friend and helper of Mister God.  In the following excerpt Anna and Fynn have been discussing love.

"Fynn, you can love better than any people that ever was, and so can I, can't I?  But Mister God is different. You see, Fynn, people can only love outside and can only kiss outside, but Mister God can love you right inside, and Mister God can kiss you right inside, so it's different.  Mister God ain't like us; we are a little bit like Mister God, but not much yet."

from Mister God, This Is Anna by Fynn (c) 1974, p. 27