December 6, 2014

December Messenger

Beyond the stained glass ceiling

The corporate world’s “glass ceiling” represents the invisible barrier that keeps women from realizing their full leadership potential. To what extent does the church have its own version of that ceiling?

Advent ponderings

Although violence and despair appear more prevalent in the world than ever, Advent offers a reason to hope in a season of hope.

Anticipating things unseen

“Travel teaches,” says former Mission and Ministry Board chair Ben Barlow. Sometimes its lessons can be found even in strands of rebar sprouting high atop unfinished buildings, signifying the promise of a brighter future.

The shadows lengthen

Musings about the good that can be found in both the light and the dark—sparked by a column in these very pages a few months back—sparked the idea for this new hymn from Jay Weaver.

Waking up on a silent night

Christmas Eve can be so tradition-driven and predictable that we risk missing the message. What will wake us from our sleeping in heavenly peace?

COMING IN the January/February edition: New approaches to evangelism