November 21, 2014

November Messenger

November 2014

The prodigal son who can’t come home

If he hadn’t gone to church with that Brethren girl and discovered pacifism, David Hemler might not have spent the past three decades of his life in exile. Was the sacrifice worth it? Find out what this relatively unknown conscientious objector has dealt with since he walked away from his military post and followed his conscience.

A ministry of restoration in Los Angeles

As congregations in the midst of a traditionally rural denomination, Brethren churches in the cities can sometimes feel overlooked and even neglected. But like all congregations, urban Brethren churches have joys, strengths, and struggles. There is much to learn from them. 

Are we ‘morning-after’ Brethren?
It’s not so difficult to understand Jesus’ command that we love one another, but it can be next to impossible to put it into practice, as even his earliest followers discovered. Are we that much different from them?

Rethinking church

In an era where the church has largely lost its authority in the surrounding culture, is having more people attend more church events the most effective way to share the good news of the gospel? Might there be another way?