November 21, 2014

Father of the Bride

In today's The Wall Street Journal, November 21, 2014, Michael L. Connell, a professor at Monmouth College, tells his story of playing the role of father of the bride for the first time.  His dilemma occurred about 3 a.m. following the wedding rehearsal when he determined that he could not "give away the bride."  So he wrote and memorized this response to the question: "Who gives this woman?"

"Our daughter is not our property. She is not ours to give. Her mother and I relinquish no claim. We retain the right to love her unconditionally.  Since birth, a rebellious spirit has burned brightly within this child. God entrusted us to care for her and to nurture that fragile spirit. We did not raise our child to give her away, but to set her free. This is the natural next step in that process.

"We embrace her right to choose and we fully support her choice. Today our great task has been accomplished. Her great task lies before her. For this task, we are here to seek God's blessing."