October 19, 2014

New England Tour - Sunday, October 19

6:00 am Bag pickup and breakfast at the hotel.
7:00 hotel heading for Gettysburg PA
Depart Southbridge, Mass and head south into Connecticut and into New York. through the Bronx and across the George Washington bridge into New Jersey and on into Pennsylvania.  
We arrived at our hotel Courtyard Gettysburg around 3:00-3:30 and left at 4:30 for the historic Fairfield Inn which has been in existence since 1757 and was a stop on the Underground Railroad, a stagecoach stop, and a Confederate Civil War Hospital. Connie and I had the chicken and biscuit dinner with an apple pie dessert.  Our host shared some history of the Inn and allowed us to explore the various rooms including the 3rd floor room used on the underground railroad where a light was and is left burning.

Our special guests for the evening were Mr & Mrs Robert E Lee who entertained with stories of life and the Civil War.