October 11, 2014

Emmett Kelly Story

I went to the library's book sale Friday and purchased a 1954 edition of the book Clown which tells the life story of Emmett Kelly.  He is most remembered today for his clown character and few will remember that he first saw himself as a cartoonist and secondly as a trapeze artist. Kelly tells the following story of himself as a five-year old.
"I was five when I got the first spanking I remember. I had climbed a telephone pole and sat on the cross beam, which was no doubt my first rehearsal for the circus trapeze work I did much later.  It was a lot higher than the tent where I did my first aerial work and of course it terrified my mother and the neighbors - and me, too, when they started to kick up a fuss. I did manage to climb about halfway down before they rescued me."   (p. 10)