July 17, 2014

July/August Messenger


I’ve read too much poetry for that

For Anita Hooley, it was poetry that awoke in her a profound sense of awe, and a new understanding of God’s expansive embrace.

A radical openness to ‘the other’

“The wise man travels to discover himself”—or herself, as the case may be. On assignment in Bosnia-Herzegovina with Brethren Volunteer Service, Julianne Funk learned some unexpected things about “the other,” but also about herself.

Worshiping an unknown god

Are we guilty of worshiping an array of false—but cleverly disguised—gods? Why would we do that when we could have the real thing? Sometimes it seems as though we are religious about everything but our faith.
Will a humble church arise?
Has the church missed out on addressing important issues of the day?

COMING IN September: How taking a stand for peace had a lifetime impact