July 24, 2014

Dunker Punks

“Young persons who are members of a rebellious counter-cultural tradition that radically commits their life to living God’s Calvary-shaped love in the power of the Spirit to the glory of the Father.”

-- A definition of “Dunker Punks” from NYC speaker Jarrod McKenna. 
“Dunker Punk” was McKenna’s term for Alexander Mack Sr. and the first eight whose “creative, courageous, compassionate fusion of Anabaptism and Radical Pietism” started the Brethren movement. Saying that many Brethren today–and many here at NYC–have lost knowledge of or maybe interest in the original “radical edge of the tradition” of the Brethren, McKenna called youth to return to it -- noting that it starts with people gathering around the scripture and obeying Jesus’ commands.