May 14, 2014

May Messenger

What good is prayer?
There is great value, as well as great danger, in praying to have the world as we want it to be. Our prayers are often disguises for our secret desire to be in control, to order all things according to our wishes. Fortunately, there is a remedy.
What is our perspective?
Is it possible for us to have our theological ducks in a row, yet miss the point of the Gospel? What do we do when we’re forced to choose between being “right” or being “compassionate”? Another look at Jesus’ encounters with Mary and Martha can be instructive.
Blessing from God or social privilege?
The Apostle Paul had it all—the right ancestors, the right parents, the right education, job, enthusiasm, and talent. Then he turned and walked away from it. What can we learn from the choice he made?
COMING IN June: Decades after taking a stand for peace
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