December 7, 2013

Anticipating Christmas

December 1918

Once more the celebration of the birth of the Christ Child
awakens the world to a new appreciation of that priceless Gift,
sent from heaven by the great loving Father.
And once more, in that name, we wish you
the happiest season that you have ever experienced.

Fitting indeed it is that we celebrate Christ's birth this year.
Pile up the wood a little higher on the hearth,
allow the smile to return to the mouth,
the twinkle to the eye,
the deepest gratitude to the heart.
For the message of the angels, proclaiming peace,
two thousand years ago,
finds renewed expression at this glad time,
when the Great War is over.

The peace which has suddenly come to "all mankind"
is but an imperfect type of that ineffable joy and peace and rest
which will come when a world of sorrow and sin
is made willing to lay every burden at His feet.

Once more the stocking will be hung on the mantelpiece,
the roaring fire will crackle up the chimney;
stories of winter snows and reindeer and sleighs
and Kriss Kringle will gladden the happy little hearts of all lands,
bursting with joy; and why not!
All the elements of mystery and enchantment and imagery
surrounding the story of the Babe of Bethlehem
are due the child in this happy Christmas celebration.
We almost wish we were children again.

Source: The Missionary Visitor, December 1918